What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a fairly recent technique that requires targeted superficial micro-injections in the inner layer of the skin, the dermis. This method uses small amounts of hyaluronic acid with or without added vitamins and targets the treatable areas in the most precise manner. Overall, it is a micro-needling augmentation technique that combines two procedures to achieve results that stimulate the production of collagen and elastin to regenerate the skin and tissues for younger-looking skin. Among other things, this treatment reduces the appearance of pores, evens out skin tone, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and superficial imperfections.

Dr. Laflamme has created and proposed a different treatment: the Clinique Laflamme Special Mesotherapy, also called the MesoPLUS technique, which combines the benefits of three existing techniques, micro-needling, and vampire lift, with simple mesotherapy. This more than promising combination allows for an efficient and effective tissue regeneration that combines micro-perforations in the superficial layer of the skin with a topical application of a solution composed of hyaluronic acid and/or your plasma (PRP). Following this, an ultrasound technology called “Impact” is used to deliver the moisturizing and stimulating solution into the skin more efficiently.

For these micro-perforations, several options are available to you. The choice will be made according to your skin type and your needs: whether it is with our U225 automated injector, with a laser, or a fractionated pro radio frequency (Venus VIVA, Alma Co2, or Roller Pixel), in short, several techniques are available to meet your needs in order to obtain the most personalized results possible!

“Here at the Laflamme Clinic, we often combine different technologies in order to obtain optimal results and create more complete treatments that last over time. “Dr. Nathalie Laflamme emphasizes.

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