Permanent hair removal

Clinique Laflamme is proud to offer you the most advanced permanent hair removal technology. By using the latest technology by Alma Lasers, the Soprano ICE, this recent technology is very effective and causes very little discomfort.

Permanent hair removal at Clinique Laflamme is not only done with very efficient and comfortable equipment, but also at the best prices. Clinique Laflamme acquired the Soprano ICE in order to meet the needs of the widest possible range of clients. Indeed, what distinguishes this technology is its ability to treat all skin types, including darker skin.

The Soprano Ice Laser is a safe Diode laser based on SHR™ technology. It requires minimal contact with your skin. This laser allows for two working modes, stationary and in motion. When the technician is working in motion, you will feel only a slight heat that quickly fades.

It is necessary to anticipate 8 to 12 treatments in order to remove hair from an area. These sessions are separated by 6 to 8 weeks. To evaluate your eligibility for permanent hair removal, we invite you to contact us for a free consultation.


Side effects
Redness possible for a few hours
Number of sessions required
8 to 12
Treated areas
The whole body
Duration of a session
15 to 45 minutes
Recovery time

Équipements associés


Soprano IceUnitary6 t.
Glabella45 $180 $
Top of the nose45 $180 $
Upper lip45 $180 $
Chin45 $180 $
Cheeks63 $250 $
Favorites63 $250 $
Under chin63 $250 $
Neck80 $320 $
Half-face without upper lip175 $650 $
Full face woman225 $900 $
Full beard man225 $900 $
Armpits50 $200 $
Areolas45 $180 $
Upper chest80 $320 $
Abdomen80 $320 $
Chest and abdomen150 $600 $
Forearm80 $320 $
Hands with fingers80 $320 $
Full arm without hands120 $480 $
Full arm with hands125 $500 $
Shoulders100 $400 $
Lower back80 $320 $
Upper back without shoulders80 $320 $
Full back without shoulders150 $600 $
Full back with shoulders175 $650 $
Jersey line50 $200 $
Full (or artistic) bikini80 $320 $
Perianal80 $320 $
Base of the penis80 $320 $
Scrotum80 $320 $
Buttocks100 $400 $
Men’s full bikini (with inter-buttocks)240 $950 $
Feet and toes80 $320 $
Inner thighs80 $320 $
Half legs150 $500 $
Thighs150 $500 $
Full legs250 $1 000 $
*taxes to be added


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