New at our clinic: oxygen infusion glow

New at the Clinique Laflamme this season is the oxygen infusion treatment, which revitalizes the skin through deep hydration of the dermis.

“Whether you want to give your face, neck, or décolleté a glow or a freshness boost, this treatment is ideal for an immediate and visible rejuvenation! “Dr. Laflamme

The technique itself consists of spraying oxygen at a precise angle, only a few millimeters from the skin. Then, we apply a hyaluronic acid serum on the treated area, in order to firm up the epidermis and reduce wrinkles. In fact, the compound in this serum aims to restore a certain firmness to the skin, nourishing it with collagen and giving it a youthful and renewed appearance.

Although this treatment offers short-term results, the oxygen infusion also acts on the regeneration of skin cells. This is why at the Clinique Laflamme, we often combine this procedure with other treatments, such as peels or certain types of laser. We carefully consider the type of skin and the expectations of our clients in order to obtain a perfect finish and achieve the desired goals.

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