Chemical peeling

Peels are used to remove a superficial layer of the epidermis and thus give it a boost of radiance. This makes it possible to obtain smooth and supple skin in a short time. The complexion is unified and imperfections on the surface of the skin are blurred. The acids used in chemical peels also help control acne by sterilizing the skin and unclogging pores.

Without being an in-depth skin treatment, chemical peels allow for a gentle exfoliation that removes dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin and restores radiance and freshness. This treatment can also be applied to your face, décolleté or hands. The chemical peel has few side effects and requires little or no convalescence period.

The chemical peel is the ideal treatment to give your skin a glow during the changing seasons, or in combination with other rejuvenating treatments. It is important to calibrate the peel to your skin type. This is why we invite you to call us for a free consultation to help you find the treatment that best suits your skin and your expectations.


Side effects
Slight swelling disappears in 24 hours.
Number of sessions required
1 to 3 sessions
Treated areas
Face and neck
Discomfort / Anesthesia
Mild anesthesia (cream to reduce pain)
Duration of a session
Between 45 and 60 minutes
Recovery time
24 hours


Price only on consultation
*Taxes to be added


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