What exactly is the “Laflamme” comprehensive approach? It’s simple yet complex. It aims to EMPOWER my patients. It’s the basis for each of my interventions. It requires nuance, knowledge, and experience.… Most often, new patients initially come to me with specific goals. They want to work on a specific area, such as the forehead, the … Read more

Skin Regeneration

A complementary approach to injections+. You often see people with cosmetic work who have “irregularities” that you don’t find particularly attractive. You don’t always know what the problem is, but you know something is wrong. If it’s done perfectly, you can’t tell if that person has had cosmetic procedures. All you notice is that they … Read more

New at our clinic: oxygen infusion glow

Une nouveauté s’offre à vous à la Clinique Laflamme cette saison et il s’agit du traitement par infusion d’oxygène permettant de revitaliser la peau grâce à une hydratation profonde du derme.   « Que ce soit pour apporter un coup d’éclat ou de fraîcheur à votre visage, cou ou décolleté, ce traitement est idéal pour un rajeunissement visible et … Read more

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